Google Chrome Browser Review

Google Chrome – Changing Face of SEO

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The launch of Google’s new browser, Google Chrome, has signaled the start of a change to the search engine optimization (SEO) world. SEO is the process of organically increasing the search engine rankings of a website and, thus, increasing traffic. Since the Internet offers a staggering number of options, a carefully planned online marketing strategy lays the foundation for a successful e-business. Google remains the number one search engine, far outstripping its competitors. Consequently, most SEO firms need to optimize their clients’ sites for the Google rankings. Here is Google Chrome Review;


Why is Google Chrome different?

chrome logoGoogle Chrome is Google Inc.’s new offering, with hopes pinned to challenge the dominance of Internet Explorer. Along with its many features, the Google Chrome also packs the Omnibox – the URL box at the top of each tab. The Omnibox combines the functionalities of both URL box and search box and blends every move made by Chrome surfer with its search engine. The added search feature is hotly debated by SEO experts across the web. This is due to the heavy influence that Google Suggest seems to have had on the Omnibox.

How does Google Suggest affect Google Chrome?

Google Suggest is a search suggestive feature that aims at simplifying the users’ search experience by providing users with search suggestions. The Omnibox incorporates elements of the feature by providing a drop down menu that has been the source of much debate. This aspect of Google Chrome is believed to have a significant effect on SEO practices. When a query is typed in, the Omnibox provides two sets of color-coded information; in black are the related search queries and secondly, in green is the number one organic Google search result. Therefore, according to top SEO experts, this has a variety of implications for any SEO company.

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What SEO changes does Google Chrome signal?

web browsersWith Google Suggest so intricately woven into the browsing fabric, the number one spot is now more valuable than ever. The advertising advantage of appearing before the SERP (search engine results page) is two-fold. First, the top ranked site can capture visitors before they even see the SERP and secondly, chances are even higher of click throughs on the first link. Now every SEO company has to prepare itself for a potential phase out of domain name optimization if search based browsing is adopted by other browsers as well. Furthermore, prices of domain names should experience a downturn, but on the other hand, building brand awareness and encouraging numerous brand-related searches will certainly make your brand-relevant queries show up.

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